Sustainability Model
A playful and interactive installation to teach children about green energy.

This project was made as an assignment for EnergieVoorVier.

About the project: EnergieVoorVier wanted to have an easy and playful way to open up conversations and teach children about green energy. Their exact request was a physical installation which showed the power of green and clean energy sources. I ended up making a 100cm x 80cm scale model of a town that is completely powered by green energy sources.

The model: The scale model consists of 4 separate modules for ease of transport. Each module connects to the other through a series of metal connectors which serve a dual function. The metal connectors keep the modules attached to each other but it also completes the electrical circuit that runs through the entire model. The model is based on a small Dutch town that runs on three tall wind turbines. As the model is powered on, the wind turbines start turning and the streetlights and lights inside the homes in the town turn on, indicating that the lights are powered by wind energy. The lights in the greenhouses can be turned on by pointing a strong flashlight at the solar panels located nearby, indicating that the greenhouses are powered by solar energy.

The challenges: This turned out to be quite a large project to complete. From creating all the wooden parts for the base and milling out the routes for the wiring, to designing and building the entire scale model of the town. It took quite some time to complete but it is now being used to teach children about green energy!