Sonic Illustrations
An experimental sound design installation.

This project was made as an assignment for HKU, Utrecht.

About the project: Sonic Illustrations was technically born around 2013. Back then I started a little experiment in my bedroom which also served as my workshop. I used the bass reflex speaker of my computer setup, put some clingwrap over it, poured some ecoline on the top of it, put some paper on top and played some audio through the speaker. The results were basically paintings created by the soundwaves of the audio. By the vibrations of the bass reflex speaker, the ecoline splattered onto the paper creating these (in my opinion) beautiful circular illustrations. I'd always wanted to re-create this experiment but with a bit more of a professional and permanent setup. Thus, almost eight years later, Sonic Illustrations was born. In the pictures on the right you can see the setup I used back in 2013. It was definitely experimental but it did create these three beautiful illustrations.