Dutch Design Week 2022
Exploring how humans develop in education and life.

This project was a collaboration with Studio Tast, Fontys Pulsed and Lorena Tordoya.

About the project: Learning experience design is the discipline of creating rich learning moments and environments. Many people are thinking about where learning should go next. But how do you craft the future of learning in a meaningful way? Studio Tast and Fontys Pulsed are joining forces to tackle this challenge.

In this project I was responsible for the design and functionality of the different stations. The goal was to gather as much quantative data as possible from the visitors of the Dutch Design Week. So how would we gather the data in an easy and accessible manner? In the end we settled on three different stations, each with their own interaction.

School or life? The first station, the Coin Station, was the most inviting. With an easy interaction where visitors could vote by putting a green (school) or blue (life) coin in the corresponding themed tube. In essence, the votes would create a visible bar chart as the votes were collected.

I would be a better person if.. The second station, the Schoolboard, proposed a more difficult question. "I would be a better person if I would've learned ____ early on in life.". Visitors could write down their answer on one of the white stickers and stick them onto the schoolchair. The result would be a more artistic representation of the wishes and expectations of their educational system.

What made me grow as a person was.. The third and last station proposed the most difficult question. This station was aimed to gather a bit more qualitative data from the visitors. "What made me grow as a person was ____ in ____.". Visitors could grab coloured strips of paper, each representing a category we'd determined beforehand. (For example, social life, finances, reading and writing, etc.) They were then free to write something on the strip of paper and hang it onto the installation at the corresponding timeframe. We'd divided the timeframes up into Private life (4-12 years, 12-18 years, 18-25 years and 25+ years) and School (Primary school, High school, Higher education and Working life).